How To Look After Your Sports Car During Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on our everyday lives, including transport and how we use our cars. Whilst lockdown is gradually easing, many of us have not used our cars as we once used to – with some not using them at all. As sports car insurance specialists, we understand there is no better feeling than driving your sports car on the open road. Unfortunately, this is something many of us have not been able to enjoy to its full potential over the past few months.

Despite not using our vehicles as much, it is so important to look after them whilst not in use to maintain their condition. Sports, luxury and high-performance vehicles need added attention and care compared to ordinary vehicles. Our Prestige Vehicle Insurance team want to help you look after your vehicle during these unprecedented times, so you can resume enjoying it when the time comes. We offer high quality, reliable sports car and performance car insurance for that extra reassurance you need should your vehicle suffer any damage.

Here are our top tips for looking after your sports car during lockdown:

Keep an eye on your tyres

Driving a sports car comes with the benefits of enjoying higher speeds and acceleration on the open road. However, these high speeds can put extra pressure on your tyres. Before heading back out onto the road, we recommend checking that your tread depths are of a safe, legal standard. If your sports car hasn’t been used in a while, it is also important to keep an eye on your tyre pressure. Recommended tyre pressures are usually found in your vehicle’s handbook, or on the inside of the driver’s door.

Check your fluid levels

When not using your sports car as often it is important to monitor your fuel levels, including coolant, brake fluid, oil and power steering fluid. Some coolants have specialist protection against high temperatures, corrosion and rust. This can help your sports car stay in prime condition, especially when spending more time stored in your garage. If you are concerned about how your vehicle might cope when it’s not being used as frequently, our luxury car insurance offers premium protection and reliable breakdown cover as part of the package.

Fill up the fuel tank

It may sound contradictory but filling up the fuel tank when your sports car is not being used as frequently can be beneficial. This is because a full fuel tank can prevent build-up of condensation, which could lead to problems.

Clean it regularly

Your sports car might not be on the road quite as much, however it’s just as important to keep it clean. Plus, is there anything more satisfying than having a shiny, clean vehicle? Keeping your car clean not only ensures it looks good, but it can prevent corrosion and stop your paintwork from becoming damaged or faded over time.

Gain extra reassurance with sports car insurance

Our sports car insurance offers the peace of mind you need all year round, but especially during these difficult times. We understand the attention to detail and superior care a sports car requires, therefore we can tailor your policy to your exact requirements. With many types of specialist cover, we take pride in catering to a diverse range of sports and luxury car models. Learn more about why you need performance car insurance for your vehicle.

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