4 reasons your supercar needs specialist insurance

Luxury Lamborghini Supercar

Peace of mind that everything is covered

There’s so much more to your supercar than there is to an ordinary vehicle, so a standard insurance policy isn’t going to have everything you need to be covered. Specialist luxury car insurance brokers will scour the market to create an insurance policy bespoke to you and your car that protects everything you need.

Protect your luxury car from theft

The theft of luxury vehicles in the UK has doubled in the last five years, with roughly one stolen every 28 minutes. To ensure your supercar doesn’t become another statistic, protect yourself with specialist insurance that you can be sure will have you covered. Dedicated insurance brokers for luxury cars will also be able to advise you on the measures you can take to help prevent thefts.

Standard insurers don’t understand supercars

As leading insurance specialists for high net worth individuals and businesses, A&T Prestige Vehicle Insurance has over 20 years’ experience helping insure high-value assets and vehicles. Indeed, as supercar fans ourselves, we are able to provide you with unrivalled advice on all aspects of luxury car insurance, including the type of cover you need, security measures and general risk management.

Get the very best car insurance deal

Using our list of industry contacts and unrivalled knowledge of the market, not only will we make sure you have the cover you need to protect your luxury car, but that you can do so for the very best price. What’s more, when you insure more than one supercar with us, you can benefit from lower premiums as well as cutting down on your admin.

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