How Modifying Your Sportscar Will Affect Your Insurance

White McLaren sportscar with modifications on an asphalt surface.

When you purchase a sports car, it’s natural to want to make it your own. There are several sports car modifications that you can make, from bodywork to the engine. It’s important to know that this will affect your high-value car insurance. Regardless of which modifications you make, it is a legal requirement in the UK to notify your insurance provider.

Engine Modifications

When you buy a sports car, it is usually for its fantastic engine. In some instances, you may want to add some after-market performance modifications to push the boundaries of what it can do. Engine Control unit remapping allows you to improve engine performance and even return better mileage on your car. However, this is an example of a sports car modification that may result in an increase in your sports car insurance. This is because cars tend to have their ECU mapped below the car’s capacity. By adjusting it, you can increase driving risk.

Another modification that can be quite popular is upgrading the exhaust on a car. There are several laws around this due to the increased noise pollution. If you make the exhaust too loud you may be hit with an on-the-spot fine. This modification can also increase car insurance for sports cars. We highly recommend speaking to an expert before changing your vehicle. As a specialist car insurance broker, our Prestige Vehicle Insurance team can advise you on whether your sports car modification will increase your premiums.


This is a very popular way of making your car look unique. Although many sports cars are already built to your specification, some may want to make changes down the line. It’s important to note that changes to bodywork can compromise the safety of your vehicle so your premiums could increase. The only instance where sports car insurance premiums wouldn’t be increased is if you already have a modified insurance policy. If you don’t have a modified car, it wouldn’t be unusual for your premiums to increase by 10-15%. Some examples of bodywork modifications that may increase this include:

  • Front and side skirts
  • Wheel arches
  • Spoilers
  • Flared wings

Although these modifications will make your vehicle unique, they may make it less safe and may affect how your sports car drives. A big reason for buying a sports car is the experience, so we always recommend getting outside advice before adding sports car modifications. If you are modifying a high-value vehicle, it is important to think about whether sports car modifications would affect the value of your car. If you are thinking about modifying your Ferrari insurance, for example, it could increase the value of the car and also the cost of repairing any damage will be increased following a modification which will inevitably increase the premium you pay.

Modifications that reduce your premiums

Not all sports car modifications increase your premiums. If you undertake modifications that increase the safety of your car, then insurer may well recognise that this is a positive risk feature. A sports car modification that you are considering may include adding high-performance brake pads and fluid so that you get more consistent stops when driving. For the same reason, you might consider upgrading your suspension or even adding sway bars to your vehicle. The most important thing to remember when adding anything to your car is that you tell your insurance broker. At Alan & Thomas Insurance Group, our Prestige vehicle insurance team can help you with claims, and finding you a bespoke policy to accommodate your modifications. As a specialist car insurance broker, we can give you the full picture before you make any decisions on modifying your sports car.

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