A Guide To Sports Car Insurance

From Ferraris to Lamborghinis, you can find a bespoke sports car insurance policy to suit any high-power vehicle. It’s inevitable that once you have bought a new sports car, you’ll want to look after it but not hide it away from the roads! However, with increased costs, power and additional risks emerging from these types of vehicles, it is vital that you have specialist sports car insurance in place. In particular, so that you have protection in the event of any accident, whether it’s your fault or not. We have put together a quick guide to car insurance for sports cars so that you know what to look out for and how to get a bespoke policy.

Why is sports car insurance more expensive?

The main reason that sports car insurance is more expensive than standard road car insurance is firstly due to the fact that they cost significantly more than a standard car and secondly, because they are generally more powerful and it takes greater skill to drive a high-performance car. As sports cars have larger engines and can accelerate faster, there is potential for them to cause greater damage in an accident when compared to a lower powered and slower vehicle. Even if you have a clean license and no previous claims, it’s understandable that an insurer will charge you more to insure an Aston Martin than a Ford Fiesta. With Ferrari insurance for example, the cost of replacing parts will be a huge consideration because you’ll likely need specialist parts shipped directly from Ferrari rather than something that is generally available on standard vehicle.

As with any major purchase, your sports car requires protection that reflects its value. This is so that if the worst happens, you are financially covered. Sports cars are usually made in much smaller quantities than other cars, so it takes longer to replace damaged parts and the time that you may have to drive a loan vehicle could be significant which adds to the cost of a claims for the insurer and may be capped before you even get your vehicle back if you’re on a standard policy. Therefore, you need to consider a specialist sports car insurance to adequately protect you.

What should you include in your policy?

Your sports car is going to turn heads but it’s also at higher risk of being targeted by vandals or criminals who steal high performance vehicles to order.  When looking for a sports car insurance policy, you need to make sure you include personal possessions cover and a courtesy car clause. Another thing to consider covering is a personalised license plate. These can be very expensive and personal to you, so if you have one then it should be included in your specialist sports car insurance.

As specialist car insurance brokers, our job is to ensure you have a more than adequate cover for your vehicle. If your car is stolen or taken for repairs, we can help you get a courtesy car that is similar to your own. This can apply even if it is due to fire or theft. Whether you are looking for Ferrari insurance, Aston Martin insurance or Bugatti insurance, we’ll work hard to find you a comprehensive policy. Speak to one of our advisors on your car make and requirements and we will be more than happy to help.

How do you find the best deal?

The easiest way to get the best deal and comprehensive cover, on your car insurance for sports cars, is to use a specialist car insurance broker. Not only can they provide a range of quotes for various sports cars, but they are also happy to give free advice before you choose a policy. A broker will take the stress out of your insurance process and ensure that you have cover for every eventuality. They will even be available after you have your sports car insurance policy, should you need expert claims management.

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