All You Need To Know About Classic Luxury Car Insurance

A classic car is the pride and joy of the owner, offering an unrivalled driving experience and the ownership of a one-of-a-kind vehicle. With this kind of purchase, you need to ensure that you are protected against accidents and theft. A specialist luxury car insurance policy can help you with just that and give you peace of mind. From vintage Aston Martins to classic Ferraris, each type of classic car needs a bespoke policy to protect it.

Theft Protection

A rare, classic car is more often more desirable to thieves over standard vehicles due to its parts and value. There are plenty of ways you can protect your vehicle, such as parking it in a garage overnight and adding a steering wheel lock when you are out and about. However, the best way to protect your financial investment is by having a classic luxury car insurance policy in place. At Prestige Vehicle Insurance, we are happy to discuss your policy requirements. We can find you a policy whatever your classic car. Whether you need a comprehensive Rolls Royce car insurance policy, or cover for your James Bond style Aston Martin DB5. By undertaking proper precautions for securing your vehicle, such as keeping it off the road, you can reduce your premiums, as well as keeping it safe.


We understand that accidents can happen whatever vehicle you are driving. But the financial loss that comes with damaging a luxury car is often much higher. Even if the accident appears to be only small, some of the costs involved with original parts or paint for a classic car can be substantial. Therefore, it is crucial to have a proper luxury car insurance policy as it takes into account the unique features of your car and how much it costs to replace them.

No matter how much you invest into a car, there is always the chance that it may one day break down. This is particularly true if it is an older vehicle. Luxury car insurance policies for classic cars can include breakdown cover from wherever you are, even if you haven’t made it off of the driveway. This type of cover can go onto any policy, including Bentley car insurance. So, if your classic vehicle is older, we highly recommend talking to our team to get this included in your insurance quote.

Consult a Specialist Car Insurance Broker

As you know, insurance is a legal requirement for any vehicle you want to drive on the roads. Rare, luxury vehicles will benefit from having a specialist policy as certain aspects of a standard policy could still see you footing a substantial bill or not getting your car back the way it was before an accident. By consulting a specialist car insurance broker, you can make sure you are not underinsured and that your investment is protected, no matter what. Classic and luxury car insurance comes in many forms with various options and enhancements to choose from. We would love to speak to you and we can review all the technical details of your car to find a policy that suits you.

At Prestige Vehicle Insurance, we have access to a wide variety of insurers and can give guidance on specific models such as Bentley insurance or Aston Martin insurance policies. If you have an unusual luxury, classic car, contact us via email at or call 01202 754900 to speak to one of our specialist advisors.