A Guide To Performance Car Insurance


Powerful cars from luxury brands require a different type of insurance cover to your standard car. The more expensive the vehicle, the more likely it is you will need a more specialised policy. Performance car insurance ensures you have full coverage on your performance car. Discover everything you need to know about performance car insurance in our guide below.

What is performance car insurance?

Performance car insurance is a cover specifically designed for top-of-the-range sports vehicles. This is a specialist car insurance policy that provides complete cover and high enough limits to deal with the higher value components of a performance vehicle. A standard commuting car, such as a Ford Fiesta, will not demand the same level of cover as a Ferrari. This is why owners of these exclusive cars will need further types of cover to ensure their vehicle is sufficiently protected.

It’s important to note, performance car insurance is not the same as hypercar or supercar insurance. Although they sound similar, there is a difference between a sports car, supercar and hypercar and insurers will look at each vehicle’s specifications individually. If you are not sure about what your vehicle requires, feel free to ask us and we will be happy to provide more information about the cover available.

What’s classed as a performance car?

A performance car is any car that has a powerful engine, superior speed and agility. These are classed as performance or high-performance cars due to their above average abilities. Two characteristics of this type of car include super responsive handling and fast acceleration. Certain models from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche are prime examples of high-performance cars.

How much does high-performance car insurance cost?

High performance car insurance premiums are determined on a variety of factors. These include the age of the driver, occupation and how secure the parking environment is. Another aspect that affects the performance car insurance cost is the assigned insurance group. There are 50 different types of insurance groups to which each car gets assigned to.

The lower groups will cost significantly less to insure than those in the higher groups. Cost of repairs, acceleration speed and engine size are just some of the rating factors taken into account. Because of this, even if the vehicle is a luxury make, the price for cover will differ from brand to model. This means that Lamborghini insurance won’t be the same price as Porsche insurance even if the driver is the same.

The cost of high-performance car insurance will inevitably be more than that of a mid-range car. This is most often because high-performance cars are susceptible to a loss occurring. This not only means physical accidents where the cost of repair will be higher than a standard vehicle but also incidents like theft because they are more desirable in general. Insurers will look at all the risk factors to determine the price for premiums. You can however reduce what you pay for insurance by taking steps like boosting your security or reducing your mileage.

Where to get the best performance car insurance cover

If you want to find the best premium rates, choose the Prestige Vehicle Insurance team at Alan & Thomas. We have a team of specialist car insurance brokers with a wide portfolio of clients spanning all luxury vehicle types. Our close relationship with insurers from across the UK means we can find you prices and enhanced cover that you won’t find on a comparison site. We understand the cost of high performance car insurance is always going to be a factor in your decision making but we are here to give you quality advice and wherever we can save you money, we will.

We offer Lamborghini insurance, Porsche insurance, Ferrari insurance and much more. You can get a tailored quote for your vehicle either online or by getting in touch. Whether you need performance car insurance, insurance for hypercars, sports cars, or any luxury make, contact us today. Call 01202 754900 to speak to one of our specialist advisors. You can also send your enquiries via email at quote@alan-thomas.co.uk.