5 Tips For Finding The Right Specialist Car Insurance


When purchasing a new vehicle, it’s not uncommon to stick with your exisiting insurer without checking the policy details. The higher end vehicles on the market need different insurance covers and not changing your insurance can often leave these vehicles under-protected. In particular, for owners of luxury vehicles such as a sports car or supercar, its common to see your car kitted out with the latest tech and so it’s important to find the right specialist car insurance to cover it. This will ensure your vehicle has the right level of comprehensive cover to give you peace of mind and protect you in the event of a claim.

Not all windscreens are equal!

Whether a stone flicked up from the tires of the car infront hits your windscreen or not is just down to luck but can easily crack the glass. A recent review of the windscreen claims for our prestige vehicle owning clients has shown that the average cost of a windscreen claim is about £3,000! A standard motor policy will usually make you use their windscreen repairers which means that you won’t necessarily be getting a windscreen from the manufacturer of your prestige vehicle. If you choose to go the your vehicle manufacturer, it’s not uncommon for the standard motor insurer to only contribute £50 towards replacing your windscreen which would leave you with a £2,950 bill to foot yourself! By taking out a specialist car insurance policy, the insurers we would recommend have an unlimited limit for windscreen claims and you can go back to the vehicle manufacturer to get the glass fitted and recalibrate your advanced driver assistance systems too.

Choose a top-rated insurer

As opposed to choosing standard car insurance brokers, a top-rated insurer will offer a broader scope of policies. These policies are specifically designed for top-end vehicles and will provide complete cover. Although you could find a cheaper policy on a comparison site, this will not provide you with the additional coverage needed for this type of car. It’s also worth mentioning that it won’t cost much more to get so much more cover included as standard such as breakdown and legal expenses. As prestige car insurance brokers, we are experts in providing specialist car insurance. We are committed to finding you a policy that fits your specific needs and use A-rated insurers to make sure that your claims will be met.

Have you added any extras to your vehicle?

We recently took a look through a client’s standard motor insurance for their prestige vehicle and the policy wording required them to declare any of the manufacturers optional extras which the client did not realise. Most people ordering a new vehicle will add optional extras such as paint, alloys and in-car tech but this is a bit of a pain to recount to insurers. With an insurance policy from an insurer in the prestige vehicle market, all of the optional extras are included in the cover as standard. The optional extras can make the cost of repair for vehicle damage increase massively and the last thing anyone needs is for a claim to be declined because something like this wasn’t declared.  

Cover for you, not just the vehicle

There are several enhancements to a specialist prestige vehicle motor policy when you compare it to a standard car policy and some of the covers are specifically for the policyholder and not just covering the motor. It’s becoming increasingly less common to find comprehensive cover for driving other vehicles on standard motor insurance policies but this is such a useful part of a policy, insuring you to drive someone elses car should you need to borrow it. Another enhancement on prestige vehicle policies is the amount of cover for your personal possensions. On a standard motor policy, there is usually cover up to about £150 which won’t go very far but on a prestige vehicle policy, it’s common to see £2,500 cover for your personal effects.

Use a broker to do the hard work for you

It’s always wise to review your policy to ensure you have the right coverage but there are so many motor insurance providers in the UK that it can be hard to know what a good deal looks like. Inusrance brokers will do the comparison work for you, sourcing various quotes for your vehicle’s insurance and making a recommendation based on their findings. Using an insurance won’t necessarily mean you pay more for your insurance, in fact, with various tailored schemes, you can get some great deals on policies with additional enhancements and premium discounts. Most importantly, if you need to make a claim, you won’t be left to try and negotiate directly with your insurer. We have a dedicated claims team who have seen almost every scenario and fight your corner to get swift and fair resolutions to any claims you might have and it’s all just part of the service.  

Specialist car insurance brokers you can trust

At Prestige Vehicle Insurance, we have a range of specialist car insurance policies that are suited for luxury vehicles, including Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce insurance to name a few. These will automatically include extensions to cover breakdowns and driving other vehicles. Not to mention, covering your personal possessions, unlimited GAP cover and legal expenses.

Our specialist rates for these prestige vehicles work out to be roughly half the price of what it would be to have to pay for the same insurer’s policy without using our services. Whether you are looking for an Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce insurance quote, or for any other top-end vehicle, get in touch today by emailing quote@alan-thomas.co.uk or calling 01202 754 900.