4 Reasons To Choose A Specialist Car Insurance Broker


Setting up standard car insurance is something many people do online with little to no effort. You can browse online and find quotes within minutes with no need to speak to or see an insurer face to face. When it comes to luxury car insurance, however, car insurance cover and options can be slightly more complex. This is because these types of vehicles are more expensive to buy (and repair) and come with more elements to the cover. As a result, some prefer to speak with a specialist car insurance broker to ensure nothing is missed out and you get value for money.

What is a specialist car insurance broker?

specialist car insurance broker is a company or person that searches the insurance market on behalf of the client before recommending the most suitable arrangement based on various factors. As well as finding you options for cover, a top-quality broker service will also deliver assistance to you should you need to make a claim. They will offer guidance and negotiate a swift and fair settlement with your insurer to help take the stress out of the situation.

Standard car insurance brokers are becoming less common with the online comparison sites growing in popularity but with both, you will find standard policies where you can bolt on additional covers at additional cost, primarily designed for regular vehicles. For vehicles classed in the high-performance car category, some of the standard covers are not appropriate for these vehicles so a specialist policy will be much more suitable. This will also be the case for luxury cars, sports cars, and hypercars.

It's important to note that (in most cases) insurance brokers are independent which means that they are not tied to placing business with just one insurer. This means that the client’s interests are always above the insurers.

Why should you choose a broker for high-performance car insurance?

There are many advantages of arranging your insurance through an insurance broker as opposed to going to a comparison site or directly to an insurer. As well as saving you the time and effort, some of the most noteworthy factors include:

1) Preferential rates

Certain car insurance brokers will have built longstanding relationships with providers. Because of this, it's possible to negotiate lower luxury car insurance premiums and additional covers that you might not find elsewhere. As previously mentioned, insurance brokers put your needs ahead of any insurer and whilst they might have certain enhancements from specific insurers, they will always be putting you first to obtain the most suitable arrangement. At Prestige Vehicle Insurance we are committed to finding you the best premium rates and levels of cover we can obtain. Whether you are looking for sports car insurance or something more specific like Aston Martin insurance, speak to us. We will tailor a quote to suit your needs.

2) Expert knowledge

Specialist car insurance brokers do exactly as their name states. They specialise in the field and have an expansive knowledge of the industry. For specialist sectors such as high-performance car insurance, you'll benefit from someone who knows what they are talking about and what cover is suitable for you and your vehicle, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. This ensures you have a full understanding of what your cover entails. What’s more, they will know all the tricks of the trade and the best insurers to speak with to obtain you the best possible terms.

3) Access to a wider scope of insurers

More often than not, specialist car insurance brokers will have access to insurers and schemes that you simply wouldn't be able to access any other way. This means they can source luxury car insurance quotes from providers that don’t deal directly with the public. It is particularly useful for high-performance car owners that need a more tailored cover. If you are looking for high-performance car insurance, it's always best to go to a broker instead of only looking at online comparison sites. You’ll have many more options presented to you that fit your unique specifications.

4) Complete vehicle cover

For luxury vehicles, the type of policy cover will be different to that of a standard car. Why? Because there are more factors to be taken into account. From the cost of repairs to the increased likelihood of theft, performance car insurance is more in-depth. This is where specialist car insurance brokers play a big role. They will provide you with comprehensive advice to put your mind at ease.

Prestige Vehicle Insurance are specialist car insurance brokers in the UK. We have strong working relationships with leading providers of prestige vehicle insurance and pride ourselves on the complete service we provide clients who entrust us with the arrangement for their luxury car insurance. Whether you need insurance for sports cars, supercars and more, contact us. You can get in touch by calling 01202 754900 or via email at quote@alan-thomas.co.uk.