Risk Management Support

Take a look through some of the topics below where you can download some helpful resources to help manage the risks that your Block of Flats might face. 

Property Maintenance

It's essential that a block of flats is routinely inspected and maintained as it's both good practice and most property insurance policies won't cover damage that has come about from wear and tear or lack of proper maintenance. In addition, whilst not all security threats can be avoided, proper maintenance of your block of flats, primarily locks, fences and entrances to the building can help deter or prevent criminals from targeting you.  

Manage your Flood Risk

Reports from the Environmental Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Northern Ireland's River's Agency suggest that over 5 million properties in the UK are at risk of flooding. The damage that flooding, can have on your property and it's contents is devastating but there are some measures you can take to manage your flood risk to minimise the damage. 

Reduce Your Risk of Arson

Winter Weather Liabilities

Summer Property Precautions