The Difference Among a Sports Car, Supercar and Hypercar?

Nowadays, the latest designs of cars are built using cutting edge techniques and they are pack full of technology. The selection of car makes and types available out there continue to diversify. From general cars to fully electric vehicles, sports cars and more, the possibilities seem to be limitless. When it comes to the wide range of options to choose from, many won’t know the difference between some of the newest cars added to the ever-growing list. The perfect example is the difference among sports cars, supercars, and hyper cars. What are the features which differentiate each from each other? And will options vary for sports car insurance vs supercar insurance and hypercar insurance? Take a look below to discover more.

Sports Cars

Many will consider a sports car as an upgrade from your average commuting car to a model which is more agile and nimble. Sports cars are perfect for drivers who want a vehicle with dynamic performance and are still suitable for daily driving. Those who enjoy the thrill of driving will often opt for a sports car as the acceleration and handling is superior to that of a normal car. This makes the driving experience more gratifying for the end-user. Sports car insurance doesn’t have to be more expensive than insurance for normal cars though! The higher level of vehicle quality and cost of specialist replacement parts might mean that a standard insurance policy isn’t quite right for your sports car. To help you find affordable sports car insurance you’ll need to go to a broker with access to the right insurers.


Supercars are essentially a high-performance luxury type of sports car. This means their design includes premium car parts, they have more power and more advanced technology. Whilst still classified as ‘street legal’, supercars are rarer and harder to handle than sports cars. This adds to the usability factor but does not limit the frequency these cars can be used. Compared to sports cars, supercars tend to be more expensive and exclusive. As a result, a more exclusive vehicle will need a specific insurance policy that provides more cover than standard. Supercar insurance might be more expensive than sports car insurance because of the vehicle’s superior power and market value. Then again, if you are investing in such a prestigious vehicle, surely you’d place great important on ensuring you get quality supercar insurance?

Whether you are looking for Aston Martin, Bentley insurance or car insurance for any model that’s categorised as a supercar, there will be certain factors which can help reduce the price or enhance the cover. These factors will vary but usually include the drivers age, supercar value, or the age of the car to name a few. As supercars are not your typical standard vehicle, the chances are they will come with exclusive bonus services which, in turn, make the overall value delivered from a supercar insurance all that more worthwhile.


Another step up from the supercar is where you’ll find the hypercar. Hypercars go beyond the bounds of a supercar with a higher degree of amenity for optimum performance. These types of models are made with the latest cutting-edge technology. Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren are just some of the well-known brands producing hypercars. Because of the level of speed they can reach, these vehicles might not be exactly suitable for a daily commute.

Hypercars consist of some of the most exclusive top-performing cars on the planet. Due to the limited numbers produced, hypercars are considered even more of a rarity than supercars. So, what about hypercar insurance? It’s clear as we climb the hierarchy for car types the insurance price is going to increase but using a broker who knows the market means that you can avoid extortionate prices. Be prepared to see slightly higher premiums for hypercar insurance should you decide to purchase one. However, Prestige Vehicle Insurance are experts in car insurance and can always help recommending the best cover for your vehicle.

Where can I get insurance for luxury cars?

The best solution is to look use a prestige vehicle insurance broker to help arrange the best options available to you. We provide excellent cover for an extensive range of vehicles, providing great value insurance alongside top quality cover. From Porsche insurance to Lamborghini insurance, Bentley insurance and more, we’ve got you covered.

For more information of the types of sports car and supercar insurance we offer, get in touch with a member of the Prestige team today. Please note, we also provide sports car, supercar and hypercar insurance as part of personal fleets of vehicles which can bring increased savings on your total insurance spend. No car is too big for our insurance services, so contact us today! You can also request a quote online on our website at no hassle.