Update your V5C now or face unwittingly losing your licence

Failure to do so could result in speeding tickets being sent to your old address which you would be unable to respond to.

When a vehicle is found to be committing a motoring offence such as speeding, a notice of intended prosecution is sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle. The notice requires the registered keeper of the vehicle to identify who was driving the vehicle when the offence took place. If the v5c is out of date, the notice will be sent to the old address.

If the notice of intended prosecution is not responded to within 28 days then the offence of failing to furnish information (failure to identify the driver) is committed. The registered keeper of the vehicle would be summoned to Court. The summons would be sent to the address on the v5c and the registered keeper would be unaware of any proceedings against them.

Under these circumstances, the hearing would take place in the absence of the registered keeper and would result in 6 points being ordered onto their driving licence without their knowledge. Just two of these offences could result in a 6 month totting up ban.

I frequently represent clients who have been disqualified in their absence, and this tends to be the common cause. Check your v5c today to make sure your licence is protected.

Whilst there is much that can be done to overcome a driving ban under these circumstances, it is a much simpler solution to ensure that all relevant motoring documents are up to date in the first place. Ten minutes of personal admin today could prevent months off the road or a complicated legal argument in the future. 

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Written by Expert Motoring Lawyer, Head of Motoring Law at Forster Dean Solicitors, Alison Ashworth - www.forsterdean.co.uk