McLaren’s customisable Speedtail hypercar already sold out

The Speedtail is available in Urbane, Visionary or Dynamic, with extra customisable options on top of this; so many in fact that every buyer will be assigned their own manager to help customise their model.

There are only going to be 106 Speedtail cars in existence. At £1.75m each, customers will get a completely bespoke product, with each of the three collections offering a different aesthetic. Within these collections, there are various themes, including the red and white Bloodline theme, and the navy, silver and orange Astral colour palette.

Road-testing for the Speedtail begins this month, with McLaren using these tests to give feedback to customers. McLaren says that the Speedtail will be their fastest ever road car, at 250mph. The model places the steering wheel centrally, has a 4-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine assisted by electric motors, a seven-speed gearbox and the ability to reach 186mph from a standstill in under 13 seconds.

Only four pieces of glass are used in the Speedtail: the windscreen/roof, a piece for the engine cover, and the windows in the doors, which form part of the roof structure. The Speedtail utilises the thinnest carbon fibre that McLaren has ever used and a teardrop shape to increase aerodynamic efficiency.

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