How to Protect Your Sports Car From Keyless Theft


High performance keyless cars allow drivers to unlock and start the car without pressing any buttons on the keys. Drivers can keep the key in their pocket, and the car will pick up its signal which enables the doors to open and the ignition to start. Though keyless vehicles are efficient and hassle-free for the owners, they can become vulnerable to theft via electronic devices. Having a high-performance or sports car insurance policy is vital to ensure that you are covered in the event of an unfortunate incident. Find out more about luxury and supercar insurance policies with Alan & Thomas Insurance.

Discover how keyless car theft works, and how you can avoid becoming a victim to it.

What is keyless car theft?

Keyless car theft can occur when the signal for a keyless car is captured, which can then be used to start the ignition. A device is used to amplify the signal that is picked up from the keys, and another device receives the signal and effectively acts as the key. A signal can be picked up from just a few metres from your car keys, taking advantage of security vulnerabilities. As a safety precaution, many sports cars are designed so the engine won’t cut out if the key is out of range. This means that the process of keyless car theft can happen in under a minute. If you feel you are at risk of having your luxury vehicle broken into or stolen from keyless theft, read our helpful tips and reduce the risk of being a victim to car theft.

How can I protect my keyless car from theft?

Blocking pouch

Blocking pouches are available to block wireless signals leaving or entering your keys. You can keep your keys inside and prevent your car key from transmitting or amplifying the signal that is used in keyless theft. Faraday pouches are ideal for storing your keys safely and prevent the signal being intercepted. You can test a blocking pouch by placing your key inside and standing next to your vehicle. If your car doesn’t unlock then you can be assured that the signal is being blocked. If you would like that extra reassurance in addition to a blocking pouch, our sports car insurance can provide you with increased peace of mind.


Installing a tracker in your sports car is a back-up solution in the event that you do become an unfortunate victim to car theft. A tracking device will not necessarily stop your car from being stolen via keyless theft, however it will significantly increase the likelihood of your car being found. Prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario and increase the chance of your high value vehicle being returned to you. Learn more about protecting your car with high performance car insurance.

Turn the wireless signal off

Some electric keys are equipped with an option to turn it off. Check your vehicle handbook to see if you are able to turn off. Turning off the wireless signal when you are not using your car will prevent anyone from amplifying it and breaking into your vehicle. If you are able to, make sure you turn off the signal each night if your car is left unattended or parked on a road.

Store your car and key safely

Leaving your car keys away from windows and doors when not in use can reduce the risk of keyless theft. The devices used to receive and amplify the wireless signal are most effective when keys are close by. By storing your car keys securely in your house and away from any openings, you can decrease the efficiency of car theft devices from stealing the signal. Similarly, you should keep your car in a garage where possible. If you don’t have access to a garage, park your car on a driveway and leave it close to your property so access to the vehicle is difficult.

Insure your car with luxury car insurance

Sports car insurance is an obvious solution to protecting your vehicle in the case of theft. Like putting a tracker in your vehicle, choosing the right insurance policies for you will protect you if your car has been stolen. At Prestige Vehicle Insurance, we specialise in arranging the best high performance car insurance policies, whatever the make or model you have. Our private client advisers have the knowledge and experience to explore your individual requirements to ensure you are only paying for the cover that you need. Our team understands the worry that comes with the unfortunate event of claiming from your luxury car insurance, so we will manage the process for you and help to negotiate a settlement.

Protect yourself from keyless car theft today and find out more about supercar, sports car and high value car insurance with Prestige Vehicle Insurance. To learn more about our policies, call us today on 01202 754 900 and we will be happy to answer any questions, or get a free online insurance quote.