Finding the best value cover for you

Prestige car insurance will vary significantly from provider to provider, so it is important to remember that while the cost of your insurance is important, the cheapest quote you can find may not necessarily offer you the correct level of cover. This means researching the best deals available and finding an insurer you can trust. 

A cheap or simple policy will potentially take away the stress of getting your prestige vehicle insured, but if and when you come to make a claim, you may find that you are missing crucial aspects of cover that you initially overlooked. The phrase “you get what you pay for” always rings true when relating to insurance of any kind, but there are some ways you can reduce your supercar insurance premium and get a more competitive quote.

If you have never driven a prestige vehicle before, it is likely that your premium will be higher than most. Insurers will be looking for a good amount of driving experience, and especially any that specifically relates to supercars or prestige vehicles. To start benefitting from a reduced premium, you need to build your no-claims discount – some providers are willing to offer a discount of up to 70% if you have five or more years of no claims behind you.

Once you have this established, it is always advisable to protect your no claims discount. This may mean insuring your supercar could cost you more upfront, but in the event of an incident, your claim-free years are protected and you can maintain your discount in any future policies.

It is also certainly worth considering adjusting your ‘voluntary excess’ – this is the amount you are prepared to pay in the event of an incident. The vast majority of prestige vehicle insurers will come with a ‘compulsory excess’ that must be paid in all claims, followed by the option of a voluntary excess. If you can, consider increasing the amount of voluntary excess you are willing to pay as this will reduce your annual premium significantly, but just be careful to only select an amount you can actually afford.

Using the internet, customers can now take the time to research other options and potentially find a better deal when their insurance is up for renewal. The ability to go online takes away the frustrating wait for call centre operatives and the internet now has a wide range of different providers, with price comparison websites now offering almost all types of insurance. Many companies see online as a way to attract further business, and will sometimes offer an online discount of up to 20% only available to those willing to log on for a quote.

Nowadays, there are a few ways you can research and purchase your prestige vehicle insurance:

  • Option one is going direct to insurance providers, who often provide generic blanket cover.
  • Option two is speaking to insurance brokers, who effectively source the most appropriate cover for your needs from a host of insurance providers.
  • Option three is buying from branded providers, established companies who have now added car insurance to their list of products such as Tesco or Virgin Money.
  • The final option is a price comparison site, which will provide the user with the cheapest prices on supercar insurance from all of the above providers.

Whichever avenue you choose, it is always considered best practice to spend some time researching all potential supercar insurance options available on the market - this will give you all the information you need to make an informed choice about who provides your insurance.

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