3 Exciting Supercars Released In 2022

If you’re looking for an exciting new car to add to your collection, or if you just want to update your existing car, then 2023 is the year to do it. There were plenty of powerful supercars released in 2022, but three in particular caught our eye. Not only do they offer fantastic drive experiences, but they are also models that we can offer bespoke supercar insurance on. Whether you like Audis, Aston Martins, Porsches or something else, the wait time on new vehicles is quite a while, so ordering now might get your luxury car sorted for 2023.

2023 Audi R8

Audi’s signature supercar had a revamp for 2022. The huge V10 engine gets the car up to 602 horsepower if you choose the performance variant. The rear-wheel-drive variant still has a mighty 562 horsepower, ensuring your drive is fun and generally a great experience. As you would expect, this car costs six figures but the 5.2 litre super is worth it. If you go for this vehicle, you need to make sure that you have a bespoke Audi R8 insurance policy. At Prestige we are happy to discuss the exact specification of your R8 and find you a supercar insurance policy that protects you where a standard policy might struggle

Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06

We have waited in anticipation for some time for the Corvette C8 Z06. The 2022 Corvette is sticking to its roots and remains a powerful and enjoyable drive on and off the track. Its 5.5 litres V8 engine is derived from the C8.R race car. We love finding supercar insurance for Corvettes, as they are exciting and unusual here in the UK. Although slightly wider than the concept models, this doesn’t affect the drive. We are sure you’d be tempted to take the 600 horsepower for a spin round a track and track days are generally a specialist extension to motor insurance policies that you’ll need to speak to an insurance broker about. It’s important to remember that powerful cars generally mean high price tags and the potential for accidents. To ensure that you are protected in the event of theft or damage, speak to our expert team at Prestige vehicle insurance. We will find you a bespoke luxury car insurance policy to suit you.

Porsche 718 Cayman

Porsche had a few cars releasing last year, but the 718 Cayman GT4 RS excites us the most. Not only is this a fantastic track vehicle but it is also amazing on the road. This means you will need comprehensive Porsche car insurance so that you are covered for a variety of driving. The 496 horsepower Porsche has been reduced in weigh from previous models, making it a pleasure to drive. This Porsche isn’t going to be a common sighting with only about 7,000 units being made, making it a unique and exciting car to own. At Alan & Thomas Insurance Group, we specialise in luxury car insurance. If you manage to get your hands on one of these limited Porsche, make sure you give us a call.

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