Understanding Family Fleet Insurance

If you have multiple cars, you may be wondering the best way to insure your vehicles to get comprehensive cover and save some money, especially when you have a prestige vehicle or two. This is where family fleet insurance comes in. If there are several cars in your household, you might be able to get one policy that protects all of them.

What is family fleet insurance?

Family fleet car insurance is a private cover that insures multiple cars or vehicles from one household. Despite the name, this doesn’t have to be for family. It is also a good multi-vehicle insurance cover for someone with more than one car. This kind of policy can save you time and money as you will have one policy that protects all of your vehicles. Often, insurers will give a discount depending on how many you insure. An important aspect of family fleet insurance is that all vehicles within the policy must be registered under the same policy.

The main positive of family fleet car insurance is that you can cover cars from different brands and sizes. With Prestige luxury car insurance, you can find a multi-vehicle insurance policy that protects all of your luxury cars, from Lamborghinis to Bentleys but also include cover for your daily run-around vehicles too. If you ever need advice on this, please contact our team. We are experts in specialist car insurance and have a dedicated team for prestige and luxury vehicles.

Do vehicles have different levels of cover?

Most family fleet insurance covers will be very flexible and allow you to have different levels of cover for different vehicles. This can depend on the use the car gets and its value. For example, you could use multi-vehicle insurance to include everything from cover for your day to day vehicle to sports car insurance. If you have multiple high performance vehicles or classic cars, make sure that you get a bespoke cover. This will prevent you from being underinsured if you have an accident.

What are the benefits of family fleet insurance?

The major benefit of a family fleet car insurance policy is that it saves time and paperwork. With a multi-car policy, you only need to search for one cover, sign one set of paperwork and remember one renewal date (but we can keep track of this for you too!). It will also be beneficial should you ever need to make a claim, going through a single insurer means you won’t mix up who is insuring which car and potentially delay compensation.

However, if you have two or three vehicles, you may find that you can get separate luxury car insurance policies for a better rate than with one family fleet car insurance. This is because you can often get better premiums if you are insuring two or more vehicles. It is important to remember that a specialist car insurance broker can also help you find the best coverage and organise your policies. Should you need help later down the line, they can also give you advice on making a claim and renewals.

If you are looking for family fleet insurance, get in contact with us at Prestige Vehicle Insurance. We specialise in covers for a range of luxury vehicles, including policies for Aston Martin insurance or Ferrari insurance. To get a prestige car insurance quote give us a call on 01202 754900 or email us at quote@alan-thomas.co.uk.