Top Tips For Taking Care Of Your Supercar This Summer


Compared to standard cars, luxury vehicles differ in the way you maintain and keep them safeguarded, especially when in warmer weather. This is due to the higher costs of replacing the components and materials. If you are driving your luxury car this summer, read on to find our supercar maintenance tips you should consider.

Use a UV protective polish for the exterior

Getting your vehicle waxed regularly is a valuable investment for supercar maintenance in summer. You can use UV protective polish and wax to give the exterior of your vehicle some defence against the sun. What's more, the wax will help your car all year round. It prevents different types of debris from tarnishing your vehicle.

Debris such as tree sap, pollen, and bird droppings can all leave more damage to your car than you'd expect. These can fade the colour or even chip the paint on your supercar. So, it's worth finding a service that offers UV polish or waxing to avoid having to pay more money for paint resprays.

Ensure you have the right supercar insurance

Although it's not a physical type of supercar maintenance, having the right supercar insurance is another form of care. With more people visiting the beaches in summer, the roads are inevitably busier and if you find yourself in an accident, this is where it pays to have a complete supercar insurance cover. People often underinsure their luxury vehicles, but why buy a one of a kind Porsche if you aren't willing to pay for the Porsche insurance cover? Likewise, why have a Ferrari without ensuring your Ferrari insurance plan covers the event of accidents? Speak to a specialist car insurance broker for a comprehensive supercar insurance policy that gives you peace of mind.

Keep your vehicle in the shade where possible

In summer it’s particularly important to store your luxury car in a safe garage or covered parking. There are a few ways you can check your garage is safe for storing your prestige vehicle. Otherwise, you could run into more unexpected costs if a problem occurs that damages your car.

If you are out and have to park outside for an extended period, be sure to park in the shade or under a tree. Following this is supercar maintenance tip will mean you can shield your car from the heat and rays of the sun. Just keep in mind that if you are parking underneath trees, ensure these are not sappy or home to lots of birds. You can usually spot sappy trees as they tend to be large and overgrown.

Protect the interior from sun damage

When it comes to supercar maintenance, the inside of the vehicle is just as important as the outside. Sun damage to the interior can occur in several ways. If left in direct sunlight in the peak months of summer, this can cause the fabrics or materials to fade. At this time of year, use sunshades whenever parking outside to protect your luxury car's interior. As well as this, sun damage can also happen when driving for over an hour in the sun with your windows down. The solution here is to keep them up and use the air conditioning. This will prevent fading and stop dirt from entering your vehicle that can damage the surfaces. Not to worry either, turning the AC on will not use up more fuel. This is only a common misconception many people have.

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