The Difference Between Regular And Specialist Car Insurance

At Prestige Vehicle Insurance we understand the importance of making sure your high-performance car or supercar is taken care of. While regular car insurance is suitable for a lot of vehicles, for more premium vehicles specialist car insurance is a must. This is because having specialist car insurance like Ferrari insurance or Bentley insurance has a number of key benefits that set it apart from regular insurance and make it more suitable for a high-performance car. Read on to discover some of the main differences between regular and specialist car insurance.

Access to a specialist claims team

Making a claim, even on a regular car insurance plan, can sometimes be a confusing and time-consuming process. It can be hard to know what kind of compensation you’re owed and the best way to go about making a claim. For owners of a supercar this is even more difficult as the value of the vehicle is much higher. This is why at Prestige Vehicle Insurance we have a dedicated in-house claims team. They have years of experience dealing with specialist car insurance claims. Having an in-house claims team as part of your plan takes away the stress of the claims process and gets the compensation paid out as quickly as possible.

Replacement courtesy car

One of the most inconvenient parts of making a prestige car insurance claim is being without your vehicle. In many cases especially when it comes to fire and theft, you can be without your vehicle for an extended period. Therefore, it is important to have performance car insurance, as this type of cover will provide a courtesy car of similar value to drive while you make your claim. This service helps bridge the gap until you get your supercar back in your garage!

Reliable repair services

When owning a supercar, it is important to know that the services you use for repairs and maintenance are reliable and trustworthy. These repairs can be expensive and complex so having the right performance car insurance means you will always get the best service possible. Prestige Vehicle Insurance comes with an approved network of professional repair services. As well as getting your car fixed as soon as possible, these repairs also come with a 3-year guarantee to give you that peace of mind that your vehicle is getting the best service.

Additional add-ons

Given the high value of most supercars, specialist car insurance has a number of useful add-ons. It is important not just to have performance car insurance to protect your vehicle but also to protect your accessories and possessions. At Prestige Vehicle Insurance our specialist car insurance protects your personal belongings for £1,000. And as most supercar owners have personal license plates, there is £5,000 of cover to cover your plate against damage or theft. Some other key benefits of performance car insurance include personal accident cover, legal expenses cover and identity fraud expenses.

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