How To Ensure Your Garage Is Safe For Storing Your Prestige Vehicle

If you own a luxury car, you’ll be aware that storing it in a garage can reduce your supercar insurance cost. Although it’s regarded as safer to store your car in a garage, there are still safety measures to look out for. At Prestige Vehicle Insurance, we are lucky enough to arrange insurance for some amazing vehicles and have some tips for you to consider if you are storing your vehicle in your garage.

Make Your Garage Safe From Fire Hazards

It's always a possibility that a garage could be subject to a fire. With flammable materials and liquids commonly stored inside a garage, the factors that cause a fire are more probable than they seem. When looking at the cost of buying a performance car or supercar insurance, the investment for adding fire safety measures to your garage will be all worthwhile.

Fire safety should always be examined and prepared for in advance. This can be done by installing sprinkler systems, having a fire safety plan and looking at emergency water supplies. It's highly recommended that sprinkler systems should be considered for all garages storing high-performance cars. There are various sprinkler systems available with some able to directly target fires. For owners with a collection of luxury cars, modern systems should be considered. This will avoid any further damage or complications occurring to the vehicles, such as water damage. 

Emergency water supplies neaRby are another vital thing to consider. An emergency water supply source is used for firefighting tools such as firehoses. In the event of a larger fire, having nearby emergency water sources can make the difference between manageable and catastrophic damage. Be sure to talk to your provider for supercar insurance about whether fire damage is included in your cover.

Protect Your Garage From Flooding

Almost the complete opposite to fires where instant damage can happen, water damage is something that can creep up on you over time. The last thing any performance car owner wants is a problem with their vehicle that's too late to address. As the signs are not always visible until it’s too late, it is best to ensure you know what can cause water damage inside your garage.

The most common causes of water damage in a garage include flooding or burst water pipes. Both of these can seep through concrete surfaces and cause a real threat to your vehicle. This will result in assets and cars within your garage needing to be completely removed until the water damage is repaired. Infra-red technology is a must for surveying garages for excessive moisture and possible leaks. It can identify signs of water damage and help catch any potential issues early.

The first step that you need to take is to do an overall check of your garage. If there are issues with plumbing, electricity or the overall structural integrity of your garage, you’d best detect them as soon as possible. The sooner you find these issues the sooner you’ll be able to deal with them and make your garage suitable for your car. Also, you should declutter your garage as much as you can. Consider using storage units to house all the unused items from your garage. That way you will have enough room for your luxury car and for maintenance items that come with it.

Keep Your Garage Organised

When you have toys, lawn equipment, bicycles, and other tools stored in your garage, you are just asking for scratches to happen. Therefore, it is a good idea to declutter your garage and make sure you have enough room for your luxury car and for maintenance items that come with it. You can maximise your storage space and give your garage more functionality with wall storage, overhead storage, and garage cabinets.

As chartered insurance brokers who offer high-value car insurance, we cannot stress the importance of undertaking assessments and precautions to make a safer environment for housing your vehicle. 


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