McLaren Insurance FAQ’s

What is the fastest McLaren?

As it stands in 2021, the fastest McLaren vehicle available is the McLaren Speedtail. Within 2.9 seconds it can accelerate to 60mph. Even more jaw dropping, within 5.1 seconds of acceleration, the McLaren Speedtail can reach speeds of 100mph.

How expensive is a McLaren?

On average, McLaren supercars cost anywhere between £60,000 and £3,000,000 plus. This will depend on if the vehicle is brand new and if it is a limited edition model.

It’s important to also take into account the McLaren insurance cost. Insurance on a McLaren will affect your final overall price. To get an idea of what the price for insurance on a particular McLaren vehicle may be, speak to us. We are the go-to specialist car insurance brokers in the UK and have a wealth of experience. Start discussing your policy options today and call 1202 754900.

Are McLarens reliable?

Classed as supercars, McLaren’s are some of the most reliable vehicles of their kind. The reliability of a specific McLaren car, however, will vary from model to model. The McLaren F1 and McLaren 570S Coupe are regarded as two of the brands most reliable and best cars of all time.

How much is insurance on a McLaren?

McLaren car insurance tends to be in the higher price range. This is due to a range of factors such as the cost of replacing vehicle parts in the event of an accident. You may recall seeing the news of a celebrity crashing their McLaren in 2011 which lead to one of the UK’s largest ever insurance pay-outs. The McLaren insurance cost is typically around £1,000 per annum but it could me more or less depending on your specific vehicle and provider. If you are looking for specialist car insurance rates, contact us today and fill out a quote. We can find exclusive McLaren insurance rates that are not on the public market. Call 01202 754900 to find out more.

Can I change my McLaren insurance policy before renewal?

If you realise your McLaren insurance policy requires some additional covers, you can get this amended. Your monthly or annual premiums for your policy will then change automatically when you renew. To get a comprehensive plan that provides complete cover for your vehicle, get in touch with us. We can review your current McLaren car insurance policy and whether you’ll need or benefit from extra cover. Contact our specialist advisors by calling 01202 754900 today.

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